Monday, June 09, 2008

Almost There!

To the end of the school year, that is. Two more days of exams, and one workday. Then sweet, sweet summer. Nothing much earth-shattering going on, but here are a few tidbits from the last week.

Finished the book Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. I've read the entire Mitford series, but this one was by far the best. LOVED it. It provided some background information on the main character of the series, and also dealt with getting older. That has tended to be the theme of that last few books that I've read. What do you think THAT means? LOL.

Went to the art fair this weekend. Spend time checking out all of the photographers' booths. It was HOT, but we spent time sitting in the shade checking out some artists working.

Air conditioner puked on Friday. After being in school with no air all day in 90+ degrees I was so looking forward to some relief when I got home. Not so much. No air, and no end in sight. They are ordering a new compressor, and hopefully that will do it. It won't be in until the end of the week though.

Went to a Loons game yesterday. It went from rain to a full-on monsoon during the game, so in 3 hours we saw 2 innings. Jenna was at the park at a birthday party and when the storm hit I was in a bit of a panic wondering where she was. Motherly worry. Good times. It was a school gathering and we had fun. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate!

Jenna had her last soccer game on Saturday. She's had so much fun this season. She was bummed she didn't get another goal, but she did a great job. It was SO HOT, and she got tired quickly. She hung in there though.

Had my last photography class. It was such a great kick start to get back into (and loving) photography. It was just what the doctor ordered.

In scrappy land, nothing new. I have a bunch of deadlines for June (9), and haven't started a one. I am convinced I have forgotten how to scrap, it's been so dang long.

Jenna's school was closed today due to a power outage. BIG storms last night. What a mess! I went to drop her off for before-school care, and the supervisors weren't sure what was going on. Only that there was no power. I wasn't comfortable leaving Jenna, so I took her with me into school. I had exams to give so I called Bill and had him come to the school to pick her up. As Bill was on his way to get her, the daycare people called and said they were setting up generators and school would be in session. So Bill took her back to school, knowing she'd be disappointed if she missed her end of the year party which was today. So back to school he took her. About an hour later the daycare ladies called again to say school had officially been canceled. ARGH! So in between exams I picked her up and drove 20 minutes each way to drop her off at daycare. Our district really dropped the ball on this one.

Nothing else new. Have a great week!


Jami said...

I can see the end. As Maggi said eariler today. "Only 14 more hours". Thats my girl. I don't want you to feel hot all by yourself, our air conditioner pucked also. Ugh. Got to love the heat and humidity right now. NOT. Hang in there, once school is out things don't seem to be so bad.

Dena said...

Hey girl! you can make your deadlines, I know you can :)
Can't wait to see what magic you stir up.