Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's been a while!

This picture was taken last night at Dow Gardens as a storm approached. We made it to the car just before the downpour!

I've been busy. Too busy. Last weekend I had absolutely no free time. There was something every minute. I did go to Dow Gardens and took pictures of one of my students who knew I was a "wannabe" as a photographer. I had fun, and she looked beautiful. A few of those pictures are on my photography blog.

Also visited a friend in the hospital, did a make-and-take at my LSS for four hours, and went to Jenna's soccer game. I know that being busy makes the time go faster, but I'm hoping to slow down soon.

I'm getting SO EXCITED for summer. I love having time to myself. I'll say it again, but teaching is the best of both worlds. I get to be the working woman, and the SAHM at the same time. I also realize how tough and rewarding both of those roles are. Keeping Jenna entertained is a full-time job. But I love the pace of summer, especially compared to the pace of the life of a high school teacher.

In scrapping news, I am a guest designer for the kit club A Million Memories for July, August, and September. That will be fun. I loved designing for kit clubs, but it gets so tough during the school year. A guest gig is perfect. Also, got a layout picked up by Scrapbook Trends for a Holiday idea book. Still haven't gotten my PC layouts done for this month, and they're due tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have a great Thursday, and say hi if you visit this blog!

Peace out, rabbit!


Jill Marie Paulson said...

Hey, Kay!! It has been awhile and good to hear from you again. I certainly know what you mean about blog is getting neglected BIG TIME this week. My daughter, Kaitlin, just doesn't even want to come in at night now that it's nice and with working all day, it's hard to get a post in.

Great pictures as always!!

Rebecca Bollman said...

HI!!! :)

Stephie L. said...

Mrs. Rogers!!! i have no idea how i found this all. Weird. Love the pictures!
See ya in class on Monday.