Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Randomness

OK, was that not the best tennis match EVAH? Go Nadal. I was in tears when it was all said and done. I'm cool like that. It makes me wonder why the obsession with tennis. I'm equally obsessed with hockey . . . Red Wing hockey, of course. I always say it's because the two sports are so similar . . . well, maybe not. But I love them both. Tennis, because it's hard. And you are relying on yourself, and only yourself. (Unless you're that Russian woman who kept yelling at her mother from the court. AWKWARD.) I love the mental strategy of tennis. And hockey because it is just good physical fun.

I think I need a twelve-step program . . . for pistachios. I am obsessed. My two thumbnails have been worn to the quick from the near-constant consumption of said goodies. It's not just the taste, and the salt, it's the satisfaction of breaking out one that you had deemed hopeless. No amount of split nails will keep me from these gems. I need help, I tell you.

And thank you, Emily, for turning me onto the Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice. Wow. Not too milky, not too sweet, cold, AND a good buzz. Good stuff, I tell you! A close second is the Sweet Tea from McDonald's. Try one. You won't be sorry. You won't sleep, but you won't be sorry.

LOVING my new phone. It's a Palm Centro. I can type in complete sentences with proper capitalization as well as punctuation. I'm cool like that too. But the best part is you can text WITH smilies and it appears as a chat. OK, it's not the IPhone, but what is?

For the fireworks photos I used the running man, or sports setting on my camera, and my 75-300 lens. I did not use a tripod. Here's what I found out. You need to track the fireworks as they are being launched. If you wait too long to take the picture, you get a series of dots in the picture, very uninteresting. You need to snap the picture just as it lights up to get the full shape of the fireworks. If it is not a particularly bright firework, your shutter speed goes so slowly you shake your camera thinking it's broken. Those are the blurry, bright photos. But in between the dots and the blur you can get some good ones. Trust me. I'm going to experiment with some sparkler (or as Jenna says sprinkler) photos. I'll keep you posted.

OK, enough of my random ramblings.


Vicki C said...

You photograph is just AMAZING girl!

rmeyfe said...

I totally took your advice and used the running man on my camera and thank you for it!!

You got some beautiful shots!!

Glad you are enjoying your phone, my hubby keeps sending my hints as to why I need an iPhone because he wants me to get one so he can play with it. LOL!!

Marie Cramp said...

I think you are a fantastic scrapbooker. I love your slideshow. And your photography is quite good too. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work!!

{hope you peek at mine too}

Wendy Sommers said...

Hi Kay!

I just saw your name as a CBX finalist and I thought I would come by and say congratulations. Your work is always so inpiring to me! So glad you made the first round. I'm rooting for you, girl! :)

RealRach said...


Anonymous said...

such great shoots - love them so much!

Greets from Berlin/Germany

Lauren said...

Great photos!